September 2011

Gerolymatos International announces its re-establishment in the Greek OTC market with a newly-established Division

Despite the times of economic downturn, Gerolymatos International seized the opportunity and re-entered the Greek market in order to reclaim its leading OTC position nationwide.

The new OTC Division was established in order to promote Gerolymatos International’s own products in addition to well-known international brands, to pharmacies, wholesalers and medical specialists in the Greek territory.

The “Gerolymatos” name is highly regarded within the Pharmaceutical and the Health Professional community in Greece. The Division already visits 2.500 pharmacies directly, in addition to all wholesalers/cooperatives and details most of its product portfolio to Pediatricians, ENT specialists and GPs.

The Division's current product portfolio is comprised of, own-products: Sinomarin®, Foltene®, Tamarine®, and well-known international distribution brands, HiPP® - organic infant milk & baby food products, the health care products 3Μ™, Nexcare™ & FUTURO™ in the pharmacy channel, Biofreeze® - topical analgesics, Resultz®-non-insecticidal anti-hair lice product and BASF® - pest control products.


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