September 2017

Gerolymatos International acquires the license and trademark for Tamarine® from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), for 30 international markets.

The license acquisition from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for the pharmaceutical product Tamarine® in the Italian market, as well as the trademark for 30 international markets, opens the door for new prospects for Gerolymatos International.

Tamarine® -a laxative marmalade- is manufactured in the company’s privately-owned facilities, in Acharnai, a suburb of the greater Athens area, and has been successfully distributed in the Greek market for the last 30 years. Tamarine® is a pharmaceutical product of herbal origin used to treat occasional constipation; it comes in the form of fruit marmalade (apple & plum) and contains Senna Leaf Powder as the herbal active.

Nikos Gerolymatos, Gerolymatos International’s Chairman made the following statement regarding the deal: «Acquisition of the license agreement as well as the trademarks is a significant investment for our company as well as an important milestone for the further development and growth of Tamarine® in the international markets, where our company has a wide distribution network in more than 45 countries. We continue our strategic development to attain our business goals by investing in innovation while implementing and outward-looking approach.»

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