September 2014

Gerolymatos International S.A. proudly announces its cooperation with Galenica S.A. in the formation of a 50%:50% joint venture, named Simvis S.A.

Simvis S.A. is granted the control of Gerolymatos International’s property in 4 Asklipiou Street in Kryoneri, housing 13,400 m2 of buildings on a 27,000 m2 stretch of land. Simvis S.A. will place its initial attention on the utilization of its GMP-compliant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant -an ex-GSK state-of-the-art plant licensed for the production of the following non-sterile human medical products and Medical Devices :

  • Liquids for external use
  • Liquids for internal use (syrups, suspensions, oral drops)
  • Semisolids: creams, ointments, gels
  • Tablets: plain and film coated
Simvis S.A. will focus so much so on the production of its shareholders’ products, as well as 3rd party contract manufacturing.

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