January 2014

Gerolymatos International announces the launch of Sinomarin® Cold & Flu Relief

Following extensive R&D, Gerolymatos International is pleased to announce the launch of Sinomarin® Cold & Flu Relief, an important line-extension to its all-natural nasal decongestant range of products.

Sinomarin®, a patented nasal decongestant range that is composed of a hypertonic (2.3% NaCl) sea water solution, for the first time presents a product containing additional, 100% natural ingredients.

Sinomarin® Cold & Flu Relief is a 100% natural solution for the relief of nasal symptoms associated with the common cold and flu. Its unique formulation combines the natural decongestant action (via osmosis) of hypertonic sea water (2.3% NaCl) with the anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties of Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils and Thyme extract, in addition to glycerin for extra hydration of the nose.

Sinomarin® Cold & Flu Relief is available in two forms: 100ml continuous-flow- spray and 30ml metered-dose pump spray.


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